Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chicken, glorious chicken .

One of the ways you can stretch your dollar and clean the refrigerator at the same time is to make soup. My husband cooked two chickens I got for $.49 a pound at QFC yesterday. I've broke them apart into bags.  . I put one chicken breast in each of two bags. I put the dark meat in one bag and what was left in the other for soup.  This will provide many meals for five dollars worth of chicken.

Buying  in bulk and portioning you're meat in meal sized bags saves a lot of time and money.  Food is wasted because it is not all eaten and finds it's way to the back of the fridge and is forgotten.  You are not spending a lot of money on a box of something to go with your meat.  Chicken is a staple that has a stable price in the meat department. Pork and beef have both Rosen on oroce,meet with the largest percentage.  

I purchased " frugal moms guide to Once a month cooking" by Candace Anderson. While I am not in a position to cook a months worth of foods in a day, the recipes are good and jump start a menu plan. My spin on once a month cooking, is to batch cook a meat a week.  It is less taxing both on your energy and your time and gives you the benefit of scratch cooking lower cost meats , portion controlling, and speeding up dinner time.  In most homes, dinner time is the most hectic  time of the day.  Streamlining dinner can go a long way to reduce that stress.  

Ways to use chicken

Sweet and sour chicken 
Chicken pot pie
Roast chicken dinner
Chicken nuggets
Chicken quesadillas
Chicken nachos
Chicken tacos
BBQ drumsticks 
Chicken Tetrazzini
Chicken parm 
Chicken broc casserole 
Chicken Noodle soup
Chicken rice  soup
Chicken vegetable soup
Buffalo chicken  pizza
Buffalo chicken pie
Chicken pizza

The list could go on......and on..... LOL

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