Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rite aid and Fred Meyers ...early.

My husband got the paper for me--tomorrow's paper.  It has P&G  COUPONS as well as smart source.

Fred Meyers

Fryers .97 ( QFC has them for .50)
Roma's .78
Milk 4/5@
Snack crackersv3/5@
Blues 2/5
Cauliflower .99
Duel monte veggies 3/2
Kraft Mac and cheese 1.00--it's .50 at QFC
Kraft BBQ sauce 100-.79'at QFC
Fm sour cream or cream cheese .99@@
Nalley chili .89@

Rite Aid

Scope 2.99 w 1.00 up reward nets 1.99
Ragu 4/5.  Less coupon in the paper .50 nets 4/4.50 or 1.12 each.

That's about it.  Please be sure to check  for any more that my appeal to you.

HORMEL chili at  Rite A id is a buck.  Coupons for .55/2

The Red plum for 1/26 has a BOGO coupon for digiorno pizza.  It's 4.49 at QFC this week when you buy six of assorted buys.  These also include Mac and cheese and water.  BBQ sauce for .79  and snack crackers.

Bartells has red vines for 5.99.  Also 1.00 off coupon for 2 blue diamond almonds.  Add to that a .75 off coupon for two in tomorrow's smart saver.

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