Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

Another week.  We didn't get the ads yesterday. Probably because of the holiday.  My mantra is never to pay full price for anything. More the most part, I try to get the best quality I can for my buck.  There are a few things that I doesn't pay to buy quality.  Disposables come to mind,then I try to buy the least amount as possible.

My daughter has decided that she will eat chicken now.  Before she was a vegetarian.  We eat a lot of Mexican recipes because we like them and it is easy to accommodate diet restrictions.  It uses beans and cheese for protein.  Tacos can be chicken or pork as well as hamburger

.  When we went for lettuce tacos for happy hour I had chicken nachos.  It had some taco chips, a lot of shredded chicken, beans and some cheese.  Cheese is full of protein and calcium.  A lot more food value than the lettuce tacos that is mostly water.  Iceberg lettuce is mostly water, very  little food value.  The darker the green, the more food value it has.  Those tacos have one tablespoon of meat, doodles of lettuce with no food value, and a very little sprinkling of a tomato and cheese.  Look hard, you might miss it.  You are getting ten carbs of taco shell, very little protein and a lot of water.  Knowing how to analyze your food and balance protein and carbs along with analyzing the fat content is a good start in providing good food on a budget.  

Ortega put out a recipe booklet a few years ago.  It had more dollar value coupons than the book cost.
I don't think I can duplicate the recipes, some of the, are really fat loaded, some are somewhat healthy.  Some are expensive, some can be adjusted to accommodate the fat content and the cost.

Bacon shrimp quesadillas.
Mexican egg rolls ( turkey, peppers, black beans, cheese )
Chicken nachos
Corn chowder
Pasta and grilled vegetable salad
Chocolate chili
Taco salad
Taco soup
Chicken  enchiladas
Shrimp tacos
Oven roasted veggie tacos
Taco rice and beans

Many good recipes.  You might find it at a garage sale or the goodwill.  I get magazines at the goodwill for fifty cents.
Any recipe you can partially cook when time is more relaxed, or comes together quick is a good recipe. Add inexpensive sources of protein and it's a great recipe.

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