Friday, January 17, 2014

Oops, went to the mailbox.

Oops, I went to the mailbox and twisted my ankle and fell on my arm.  Broke my elbow, they think.  Guess that's what I get for having the oddisity to go to the mailbox?,LOL

I did go to the QFC yesterday.  Lucky for me, today it would be a hardship.  I saved 51 percent between ads and coupons.  Tillamook ice cream was 3.33 and I had a dollar coupon, making it 2.33.  I did not buy the oranges because they didn't look good, and they substituted the blueberries because their shipment had a problem.  That's why I like to make meal plans after the store. I could not get more than a 4.50 pound chicken.

Yogurt for Yoplait was 10 for four dollars. In  addition I had a $.40 coupon which made it $3.60 or, basically , getting one free.  Free  is a very good word when you're trying to operate on a thrifty budget.

I didn't buy everything on the list that I posted yesterday because a lot of it we already had. I was trying to show someone  how you could start to stockup and still spend  an allotment of $75 a week or $300 a month . This senecio would leave the dark meat of the chicken and 14 cans of vegetables and beans.  After a while if you continue to stock up on the lowest priced items, your meal plans will be more varied and you will develop a stronger stockpile.  . Finding  your stock items at the lowest price affords you the opportunity to have a variety of foods and more of them.

You can start out by allocating yourself a certain amount for stocking , a certain amount for meat rotation and a certain amount for perishables. But soon you will find that you going to buy your perishables and the meat and sometimes you will buy stock  items and sometimes you won't depending on what the sales are for the week.  I keep track of how much I am spending on a spread sheet so I don't go over budget.

Yes that's all for today. Thanks for stopping by. We share. Jane

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