Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Extreme couponing---NOT

There is always some discussion when the subject of extreme couponers comes up. The show is planned to show someone getting a zillion bucks worth of stuff for next to nothing, a zillion bucks worth of stuff is only good if you are going to use a zillion bucks worth of stuff in an appropriate period of time as to eat things before the expiration date. No one needs 93 bottles of hot sauce. LOL

When I first started writing this blog, I was of the opinion that coupons were a waste of time. I only used coupons from the store ads. I saw a few down to earth extrememcouponers videos, and went to a free extrememcouponers class with my daughter at a local church. No one is twisting your arm, you can pick and choose what you cut coupons for.
( good thing , since mine is broken at the moment. LOL)

There are two sites I go to. Coupons.com is the main site for printable coupons. A lot of others just revert you to the site anyway and some of that ask for your life's history to use them. Not my cup of tea. Each month at the first of the month, the site is loaded with new coupons. The manufacturers specify how many coupons can be printed. The high figure ones go first. I down load the ones I think I will use because they are things that I use on a regular basis. Things like yogurt, ice cream, eggs, coffee, cheese, butter, toothpaste and soap and deodorant. I can parlay the coupons for personal hoe gene products into free things for the women's shelter.

My friend saves me her coupons from the Sunday paper. I usually buy one Sunday paper at the dollar store. I place them in a binder clip for each month. Our coupon match up site on Seattle is couponconnections.com. If you google coupon matchups, ( your nearest big city) you can find the one near you, these sights are free and post the ads and the coupons, where they are, and your net out of pocket cost. After I choose my best prices from the ads, I visit th site and look up the store and see
of what's on my list is matched with a manufacturers coupon to be a really low price. Then, I go to the binder clip for that month and pull the coupon. I don't spend 40 hours a week couponing, maybe twenty minutes, but I save an average of six dollars a trip.

The bottom line, between finding the best prices., Stocking the things we use on a regular basis, (enough to last us until they go on sale again) , and scratch cooking and, not buying junk food, I feed three adults on less than the USDA stats for thrifty meals at home. Actually, almost half.

We eat well. We don't eat like we would if we were foodies or puritianists. We just eat good basic food.

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