Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday : virtual shopping trip

I'm going to do something different today. I'm going on virtual shopping trip.  Let's get started. I am also dictating this .we will  see what the reader does with auto spellcheck.  LOL.

Will start with QFC. I'll buy a

5 pound chicken at $.99 a pound.
2 lbs strawberries at 2/5
2 pkg Flour tortillas 2.00
Sour cream 1.00
Pasta, spaghetti , and elbow Mac 2.00
Frozen French fries , 4 pounds 2.00
Cheese 3/10. Three pounds, grated or solid
Pan bread 2/4, 2 loaves
Blueberries 2/5
Hillshire farm smoked sausage 2.50
Ice  cream  2.33 ( 3.33 w dollar coupon )
Yogurt 10/4 w .40 coupon is 3.60

Total 43.40 approximately, I did it in my head.

Top foods
20 cans of stock up items , 12.00
4 kidney beans
4 black beans
4 refried beans
4 cans green beans
4 cans diced tomatoes

2 lbs carrots .89
Butter 1.99

Total 14.88

Ok that's the trip.   58.00 and change.

Part of this would stock.  Assuming you haven't stocked before but have a few staples on hand, you could eat and still have food left.

I see

Bean and rice burritos.
Chicken soup and quesadas.
Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti noodles
Chicken dinner.
Sausage and bean soup
Sausage and peppers stirfry with rice.
Mac and cheese
Blueberry  waffles, yogurt parfaits,

7 dinners, Sunday breakfast and  Oatmeal. Fruit, yogurt for the rest of the week.  Leftovers for lunch.

 Assuming a 75.00 budget, you have 17.00 left to fill in the meals.

Eggs , milk ( 6.00)

Peas, rice, mixed veggies , peppers! Cookies From the dollar store ( 5.00)
Canister of oatmeal 3.00
Potatoes 3.00

Total 75.00

That's assuming you have limited things on hand and have not stocked.  By stocking, you can have a more varied meal plan, and take advantage of other things when they are on sale. The canned items are not on sale every week.
You are  going to use six of the 20 cans, leaving a stock of 14 cans.  If I didn't already have a stock, I would buy at least ten more cans.  I could do that because I already have rice, oatmeal, and pasta that I have got on sale cheaper than these prices.

This post sounds disjointed, bit it would be the way I would plan my shopping trip if I had not already stocked our shelves.

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