Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday madness

I want to talk about yesterday's shopping trip.  It takes some tenacity to make deals work.  Often the karma is not working like clockwork.  Yesterday was the ultimate work with it day.

Bartells has almonds, 6 ounce cans for 1.79.  There is a dollar coupon on the flyer on Sundays paper when you buy 2 . It is misprinted to be for 16 ounce containers.  There are no 16 ounce containers.  The coupon inserts has a coupon for .75 off of two cans of 6 ounce containers.  That makes just about a BOGO.  After some discussion, we got the almost BOGO.  Roast beef hash was on sale for 1.99, it rang 2.99.  Another discussion.

At Rite Aid, HORMEL,chili is a buck.m buy 15 of anything on the section of the ad, and get a 5 dollar up reward.  There os not much on that ad that I would buy except the chili that I had .55/2 coupons for.  I had four coupons.  they did not have 15 cans of chili.  I bought 8.  And used my coupons.  Effectively getting 8 cans , but paying for 6.  I went to another rite aid to buy the remaining 7.  Turns out, the two I got for free didn't count, so I bought 9.  I wound up paying 9.89 for 17 cans of chili.  Some of them are no beans.  I'm thinking they might be good on tacos or on baked potatoes for a loaded baked potato.  Either way, I saved about a buck a can.  More than a half price trip.
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