Monday, January 20, 2014

It's all in the receipt.

The matter how you look at it, your receipt is your bottom line. Whether or not you can make it on the cheap, depends on what you buy. . It's the plain and simple truth.

I am in possession of two grocery receipts. My weekly trip and someone else's. To be fair, I don't know the situation of the person buying from the specialty store. This is just all about choices.

My trip to QFC

I am dictating this because I still have a broken arm. QFC was my store of choice this week. He could have just as well have been any of the other three chain stores I frequently at times.

3 lbs cheese 10.00
1 toothpaste
2 drinks @.88
4 blueberries 5.00
2 Tillamook ice cream @3/10
1fresh strawberries 2.50
1sour cream 1.00
1 -4.5 lb chicken
10 Yoplait yogurt

Less coupons on 1.00 each for ice cream netted 2.33 ea, .50 on toothpaste netted .50 ( women's shelter )
.40 on Yoplait netted 3.60 for 10. ( .36 each)

Total 33.66 less .26 tax and .50 toothpaste is 32.90.

Receipt from the specialty store

Yogurt 2.99
Cinnamon apple sticks 2.49
Peanut butter crackers 2.69
Lentils 2@1.99
Apple sauce 2@2.99
Cooked brown rice 5.07
Guacamole 3.99
Apple juice .44
Chocolate 4.58

Total. 32.21

Almost the same in bottom line.

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