Thursday, February 20, 2014

Terrific Thursday: the ads

I did get the ads yesterday. I haven't looked at them yet, so you're getting them at the same time as I am.


TOP  is featuring breakfast.  Breakfast for dinner is a way to stretch your dollar and shake things up a bit.

Haggen large eggs 2/5.00
Haggen med, cheese 5.00
Blues 18 oz 5.00
Blackberries 2.00
Tomatoes 1.29

Haggen tuna .69@@
Nalleys chili1.00


Oranges ,68
Apples .99
Blackberries, raspberries 2/5
Tillamook yogurt 10/4

Buy 6,save 3
Sargento sliced cheese ( buy 8 ounce bags)
Oscar mayer lunch meat 2.99$$
Best foods mayo 3.29
Sour cream 1.49
BREYERS ice cream 2.49
Cheerios 1.99
All prices  are net


Chicken, whole .99
Boneless pork loin 2.99
Whole pork shoulder .99
Grapes 2.99
Milk 2.79
Barilla pasta .99$$

Lipton tea 2.99@


ALBERTSONS eggs 4/5@@

Quarters sale
Water chestnuts .50
Refried beans .75
Enchalada sauce .75
Pasta .75
Facial tissue, 175 count .75
Tomato or chicken noodle soup 1.00$$
Nalley chili 1.00
Bumble bee tuna 1.00
Cucumbers -79

SAFEWAYS also had a large coupon flyer with their ads.  New things.   All I see is finish dishwasher detergent.mthey, however,they don't tell you the price, so wether or not there are any bargains is a good question.  Again, this is a case where  you have to know your prices.  If you can't remember,carry a little notebook ( the dollar store has them ) to keep track.

Note: @ means there is an in ad coupon.  $$ means there is a coupon matchup.

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