Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday,the start of our week.  The laundry is done and we cleaned out two cupboards yesterday.
I tried a couple of new cards, not terrible excited, but think they will work if I use different materials.
I have a few more sketches in my mind I need to get out.  LOL

The ads are not here because of the holiday.  This is the day I usually study the ads.  It's also clean out the fridge and do something with the leftovers.  I think we shall have oven roasted veggies and chicken.  We have zucchini and some radishes.  Radishes take on a whole different taste and texture when oven roasted YUM!    I love recipes that Are passiv cooking,  nth roentgen in a crockpot or the oven and pretty much walk away,  chicken on a buck at Fred Meyers until Saturday, NW grown,

Last night we went to a casino for happy hour.  We didn't gamble. But the food os really good for reasonable money.  I had Asian nachos.  They were really good, low carb and filling.  I also ordered a Cesar salad because my husband ordered BBQ pork. I didn't realize that it already came woth a salad. We sound up bringing the Cesar salad home to my daughter.  I guess the lesson is to ask what things are included with the dish.

I am trying to look at the coupon connections site to find the bargains. It's an arduous task,so I will probably hope we get the today.  That being said, SAFEWAYS doesn't have a lot of bargains in the produce department, but pork shoulder roast is a buck, as well as whole chicken.  And 97 percent hamburger is 2.99.   It's more than a good week to batch cook your freezer. I can't emphasize enough how liberating it is to have the meat already cooked and ready when you are making a dinner and time is crunching  your style

 Barilla pasta is .99.  There are coupons out there.m the last time the only matchups I could find were for  the white fiber kind.  Lipton tea in a box is 2.99.  7 up is .88, there is a .75 coupon out there, making it .13 for a two liter bottle.

The Only other chain was ALBERTSONS where I found tomato or chicken noodle soup for a buck. There are coupons out there,  I used mine with Walgreens coupon for .75.

More comprehensive ads I guess tomorrow, I am at the mercy of the mail person.

That's about all.

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