Sunday, February 23, 2014

Walgreens, Rite aid, Fred Meyers

I went to the Sunday ad stores thos afternoon.  I had three dollars to spend at Walgreens.  It was not easy and I doesn't buy anything to roll my rewards over so to speak.  turkey bacon was 6 oz for 1.29, as was eggs.  Light bulbs were still 4/1.00.  The logs were marked down 25 percent.  Since we live where there are big wind storms in the winter that can leave us without heat, I like to keep a few logs for emergency.   I spent .60 plus the price of the logs.,

At Rite  aid, I got a toothpaste for FREE and a package of candy and two pair of valentine sox regularly 4.00 each for a buck each and the sox barely shout valentines day.

Total OOP 3.49.

Fred Meyer netted blackberries,grapes, bread, 1 pkg French fries, blue cheese for three dollars and apples.   About it.

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No matter where you are, if you are near a reasonably habitated  town, you will find stores that you can work.  Walgreens and CVS have similar programs to rite aid.  They have different terminology and different coupon rules, but they can be just as effective.  There are coupon matching sites that cover all over the US.  I can almost always find toothpaste for free or nearly free.  Also soap and deodorant.  Check your dollar store. You have to be mindful of the size of packages with the verbiage on the coupon, but you can make it work.  Our dollar tree only allows two coupons per family, per day.

Every grocery store chain is different.  I can only talk about the ones I see in the pacific NW.  But, the general ideas of groceries on the cheap will work anywhere.  Prices are relative.  SNAP prices are based on COL as well as the USDA stats for your size family and ages of the members.   So you may not pay fifty cents for an item, but you can still find the RBP.

Yesterday, we had meatloaf, baked potatoes,  and mixed veggies.  The meat for the meatloaf was 2.99 for 9 percent hamburger, the potatoes I had on hand, and the veggies I got for a buck a pound in the frozen food section.  Our Fred Meyers and QFC is Kroger.  SAFEWAYS is all over the US. And Albertsons is based out of Utah. I think.  TOP is definitely a Washington grocery store.

Your coupon march up site will enable you to see the best buys for the week.  When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would reach well beyond the northwest, let alone the US boundaries.
The principles are good, no matter where you live.  I do realize that there are some places that have a limited number of grocery stores.  I think that that might necessitate carpooling and hitting a large chain store once every two weeks or a month to stock the specials.  Often you can get the ads on line or have the store mail them to you.  We were made well aware of that when we went to the beach off season for our anniversary last year.  The motel was really cheap on a groupon.  Now we know why. There was no food there!  We found one grocery store. An independent with a very limited amount of food, and the "fresh food" left a whole lot to be desired.  Without cooking facilities except a microwave, we were pretty sparse.  We found one eating establishment    .  Fish and chips, two of us, I had tea and my husband had 1 beer.   40.00.  It was twenty some miles to the next town.  I googled subway and found one in a gas station four miles from the motel.  My husband got us dinner both nights.  I had brought a little food from home. We survived, but had I known, I would have brought more premade food in a cooler or stopped at a larger town and stocked our cooler.

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