Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

It's Tuesday.  I read something this morning that was very disturbing to me.  Some lady was saying that if someone used texting verbiage or had misspellings or missed auto checks  in their text, she wouldn't read theor work.  Are people that shallow that they expect everyone to be perfect.  I write with two fingers on a reader.  Sometimes I can't see what I am writing , sometimes I have a two year old " helping me". I don't think because the auto spell check doesn't see an on instead of an in, that makes what I am saying invalid.  The other thing I read was that processed foods were linked to auto immune disease. Also, microwaves.  That would sure explain why my husbands grandmother who lived on a farm with no microwave or processed food  had auto immune disease.  There are generations of families that have auto immune diseases.  I think that tells me that you can't believe all you read on the Internet.   Does it pass the BLT?

I still try to limit our processed food to one night a week.  That's why I try to stick to a matrix of protein for our meal plans.

2 beef
2 pork or chicken
2 vegetarian
1 fish or shellfish

There are study after study.  I suspect that some are more scientific than others.  If you believed all of them, you wouldn't eat anything.  Then you wouldn't die  from whatever they are touting you will get, you would just die  from malnutrition.  I think the solution is moderation.  I do know that it is a well proven fact and most doctors and nutritionists will tell you to limit your salt, sugar, and fat.  I do try to do that.  It is something very doable even on a very thrifty budget.

If you are on SNAP, it doesn't cover paper products etc.  If you are not on snap, you can save on necessities and supplement your food budget.  I just got 16.00 worth of cosmetics and 16 rolls of bounty paper towels, and a 15 ounce bottle of body wash, and two very large tubes of toothpaste  for 17.75.    I am humored by a lady that said it wasn't worth jumping through hoops and holding your tongue  just right to get a bargain.  To paraphrase  a lady once on the today show,"  if you don't get it , you ain't been broke enough."  LOL. If that same person was asked if they would like 70 percent interest on their money, they would probably jump at the offer.  I get the fact that some people can't think in abstracts.

I digress.

I purchased an old magazine from the goodwill.  Magazines on cooking are still good long after their publish date.  I have cookbooks from the WWII years.

This particular magazine was talking about cooking ahead, and prepping for the next weeks food.  Planning meals,even of you aren't so rigid as to Mondays meal on Monday! helps in cooking on the cheap.  It makes meal prep during the hectic time of the day a lot easier.  It used to be that I was cooking dinner after picking the children  up from daycare and dealing with tired, cranky children and the reality of getting ready for the next day.  Now, I work the late shift two days a week, and sometimes I am just too tired.  Prepping ahead of time is a great tool in the kitchen. You can cook when you're day is less hectic.  Another tool is to clean your fridge and keep all of one thing on a part of the shelf.  Dairy, leftovers, condiments, etc.  I try to keep sweet things on a door shelf, and savory on another.  It's easier to pull what you need because you are looking at less stuff!   Keeping leftovers in one grouping makes it easier to use them for lunches or to incorporate them into another meal.  All the meat and cheese for sandwiches I keep on one drawer.  The cheese goes in one drawer.  The vegetables in another.  It makes meal prep more steamlined.

On another note, Betty Crocker has a lot of really good recipes in her e mail this week.  Chicken enchiladas, bacon, cheese, potato chowder,  my granddaughter eats turkey bacon, it's not bad.
Enchalada sauce is really easy to make. There are a lot of recipes on I tube for it.  Basically, it is white sauce technique using WATER instead of milk, and CHILI POWDER instead of flour.  It's a lot cheaper to make than it's canned counterpart.  I did get it really cheap one time at ALBERTSONS.  I was hunting for it and got a good chuckle.  I asked the manager who happened to be walking down an isle where it was.  He said on isle xx and pointed to it.  oh, I said, you mean right under the oriental foods sign!   He had a chuckle too.   It is interesting though how some basic foods and spices cross the ethnic lines.  Rice and cilantro come to mind.

I guess that's enough random  thoughts.

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