Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday,the ads 2/26/14

I would be remiss if I didn't post the buys .  Don't forget when you are  making your list to cross off anything more expensive than elsewhere,and check the coupon matchup stores for any coupons to help reduce your bill.

Onions .47
Kale 2.00
Roma's .67
Shrimp 5.99 lb-- wild from USA

Eggs 2/3@@  ( cheaper at Walgreens)
Cheese 4.99@@
English muffins .99@@
Yoplait 10/5$$

Pot roast 2.99
Salads BOGO
Cheese BOGO ) don't know the prices, cheese should be 2.50 a pound RBP?
Chicken whole, .99
Smoked sausage BOGO $$
Strawberries 2/6 ( on the edge of RBP)

Five dollar Friday
Peanut butter

Pork chops 2.50
Blues 4.99
Yoplait 10/5$$
Grapes 2.99
Pork shoulder 1.79

Buy 6. Save 3
Most processed junk food
Best foods
Sour cream
Ragu might work if there is a coupon


Salads .98
Kelloggs cereal 4/10 with free milk ( there are Special K and mini wheats and this might work if there are coupons). I want no sugar loaded and less than 1.50 a box.

Yoplait .38@@$$ I see more than free for at least one.

.88 sale
Mayo 2.88
Tuna 98
Peanut butter 1.88
Hunts pasta sauce  ( buy 10 mix or match ) .88  more than my target, bit still believable )
Pudding pack ( not something I would buy, but on the backpack list)

Eggs 1.99( see the spread of prices-- 1.29 at Walgreens before next Sunday)

That's about it. I can't emphasize enough the value of shopping two chain stores.  Plan your trip.  Bring a cooler.  Bring the ads, your coupons, and your list.

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