Friday, February 21, 2014

Yesterday's shopping trip

I know it might seem quaint for me to talk about yesterday's shopping trip.  I'm not relying to tout my adventures, I'm trying to show how what seems like an extravagant trip can be saving money in the long run.  There have been many weeks lately when the good buys are none existent.  I think because we have had Christmas, New Years, and a Super Bowl that would tend to make the retailers push the party booze and food. The first three weeks of the month I spent less than budget.  I still managd to find stocking items at alternative stores.  We seem to be well stocked.

The difference between buying only the food you will use up on the week you are purchasing it and stock buying is that you don't necessarily spend the same every week.  I have a good idea of my budget.  I break out how much I spend for each meal and know the rock bottom price of most of the limited foods we buy.  Some weeks I have spent thirty dollars.  This week I spent 106.00.  SAFEWAYS had two of my RBP stocking meats.  I addition, ALBERTSOMS had a quarter sale and QFC had a buy 6, get three sale.  All in all I did good price wise.  The average for the month was 71. And change a week-- still under budget and I have a large at capacity stock.  USDA stats Re for food EATEN at home.  Stock doesn't count unless you eat it.

I bought :

  • Five pounds of 93 percent hamburger
  • An almost five pound chicken 
  • A bag of ham cubes
  • Two packages of lunch meat
  • Five packages of cheese slices
  • 2 Freshetta pizzas with a 1.50 coupon 
  • Lettuce
  • Frozen veggies for a buck a pound .(2) 
  • 7 up for .25 for two liters. 
  • Two cartons ice cream, one blue bunny that is ten carbs a serving 
  • Five cans of Campbell's soup
  • Five cans of enchalada sauce ( cheaper than scratch) 
  • Three cans of chopped black olives. 
  • Four boxes of 175 count tissue at .75
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • A pound of shelled peanuts
  • A pkg of pasta shells ( just enough to replace what we ate last week at .75)
  • Milk
  • Cake 
I spent less on canned goods because I cleaned out the pantry last week and know exactly what items we needed to stock.  I have two monthly allotments of my stock meats and pizza and a Dagwood sandwich to fill in .  If you just buy the sales and stock up on your target things you normally buy when they are at RBP, you are going to spend less and always have something to make a meal of on the pantry and or freezer.  They are whispering that S word here.  Some  parts of the country are geared for snow and are flat.  My husband is from the mid west.  We have lots of hills here and are not so prepare because snow happens rarely.  Some years we have almost no snow at all.  Rain,on the other hand......   It pays to have a stocked pantry-- both for saving money and being prepared in an emergency .

This trip leaves maybe one more pork stock item to finish a months worth of meats.  Rotating makes
for variety.

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