Thursday, April 23, 2015

Constantly on the lookout..,

The USDA has an app to help you know how long your food os still good after the pull date on the package.    The consensus is that we throw too much good food away in this country.  The app is called FoodKeeper.  

On another note, we  went to Bothell to make some deliveries.   I am always looking and checking other stores for their specialities.    I have noticed lately that some u tubes about dollar tree are showing  things our dollar trees don't have.   I don't buy a lot of decorator type stuff from the dollar tree.   I did, however, buy a mitt made from micro fiber .   It is supposed to clean blinds well.   I walked into the kenmore dollar tree and found ketchup for a buck and their was a .50 coupon on two of them.  Net cost .75.   They had more variety of the cookies in tins.  Pirouline pull date 2016.  Made in the USA.  

Grocery Outlet had Genoa salami for  2/1.00.   Sliced Smoked Gouda  was 2.39.   They also had a wide variety of Annie s organic foods as well as some of the normal stuff grocery outlets carry.   A very large jar of grape jelly was really cheap too.  I remember it was cheap, but I can't remember what  the cost was.  I'm thinking two bucks.  

Guess that's all.  

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