Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fridays trip

Yesterday we went to the dollar store and SAFEWAYS.  There was the deli Pozza on five dollar Fridays.   I bought fresh berries, but other than that I just bought what I needed for our part of Easter dinner.  

We made pizzas last night and have enough left for lunches.  
I cut the pizza in quarters so ot would for on the oven and fridge.  
I topped each differently and added more cheese.  

  • Ham and red peppers ( bought in sale for fifty cents and chopped and frozen,   ) 
  • Buffalo chicken, ( chicken from my daughters southwest chop salad that she had put on the side.  ) 
  • Pepperoni ( .50 a package with coupon ) 
  • Cheese and pesto with black olives.   
Ham cubes were five dollars a package.   You can add ham to a lot of things for protein.   

Egg omlettes, split pea soups loaded baked potato soup, chefs salad, pizzas, sandwiches,   

Just some notes .   

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