Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meal plans

I am a little over budget for the last three. I this.   A out five bucks.    I do have a huge inventory in the pantry and just bought ten pounds of grated cheese.m it is a lot,cheaper in five pound bags at Costco wholesale.    A whole lot cheaper!    Were going on an experiment to see how long we can go just buying perishables.    I went to Costco yesterday and bought bread, milk, and cheese.  

Meal plans

  • Salmon,veggies
  • Eggs, ham, fruit, hash browns 
  • Split pea  soup with ham, jalapeño corn bread 
  • Meat loaf , baked potatoes, fruit salad 
  • Pizza
  • Chicken soup, cheese biscuits 
  • Mac and cheese, peas and carrots. 

  • Pork stir fry, rice
  • Eggs , hash browns, fruit 
  • Fish and chips, vegetable sticks, coleslaw 
  • Pork tenderloin , scalloped potatoes, peas 
  • Pizza 
  • Meat ball subs 
  • Mac and cheese, peas and carrots. 

Easy no clean up fish 

Layer individual servings in parchment paper 

White beans , cooked or canned 
Green veggie ( broccoli, asparagus, green beans? ) 
Drizzle with olive oil.  

Seal pouches and bake on cookie sheet or sheet pan at 400 degrees for twenty minutes.   Check fish to see if it is cooked.   

From DOITONADIME.    On u tube.   She has a lot of ideas for organizing, and dollar store finds.  Some really good, some depend on your season in life!   She has a toddler!    LOL.  

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