Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We went to Winco today.  Most ofmthemfrodge ads don't have enough good buys this week to tempt me,   QFC and FM have chicken cheap and berries continue to be a good buy.  

My  husband asked at Winco and they told him that Edmonds  was the,next town to get a Winco.  
I'm sure glad.   It's a long ways up there.   Today we went to a scrapbook place forst and got lost so ot took us a while and a phone call to find it.  

Oranges amd strawberries were a good price.  I got hamburger, about average for the good stuff.  I like their whole wheat pita bread and their hummus is really a reasonable price.   Beer is a really good buy, about the cheapest we have seen.  

I am still more than in budget.  

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