Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's a pantry week!

Not much good buys this week. Lucky for us, we shopped several stores last week  and we have plenty of perishables and stock to not shop for a week.   I'll list what's there.   There are a few coupon matchups, I think, I haven't read the fine print on the coupons  yet.  

The only ads this week are for Haggens stores.   QFC has a two week ad.  ( they didn't have much either, but milk is .99 at Fred Meyer and 4/5 at QFC.   We went to grocery outlet yesterday because we had other errands in the area and my husband had to check on something at work.   I got protein Cheerios for a buck, split peas for .99, six asstd sweet peppers for 1.99( grown in Canada) .  


Coupon in ad ten off fifty.
This week, I'm not seeing a plan.   Unless you have no stock built because canned goods are .77.  I really don't  need fifty dollars worth if canned goods, but if you are stocking from scratch,twenty percent off of .77 is a good buy.

Organic tomatoes , pint, 2/3
Corn .60
Bushes beans 2/3@@$$
Dreyers  2.99@@
Green chilies .99 can
( if you buy fifty dollars of oroducts, and no more, the discount with the coupon is twenty percent)
Canned goods sale.   With the twenty percent, a can is .62.

  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Refried beans 
  • Tomato sauce 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Tuna 
Five dollar Friday 
Ice cream 2/5
Salad greens 2/5
Life cereal 3/5 

Brownie mix .99@@
Tea 2.99@@
M and M s 2/6$$ ( BOGO print coupon.  ) 
Cherub tomatoes 2/6 $$

Eggs 2/3@@
Yoplait .38@@

Quarters sale 
Top ramen 3/.50
Tomato paste .50
HORMEL chili 1.00 $$?
Radishes and green onions .50
Shreds and garden salad .75 

That's about all.  

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