Monday, April 27, 2015

I hate hackers

Someone hacked in and changed my password.  It took me a solid hour to fix the problem.   I'm sure that's who is stealing my identity too.   A certain country is hitting tens of times and looking at stuff no one would legitimately look at.  I'd really like to see those creeps caught!    It's frustrating that I have no control over catching them and the people that do don't.  

I digress.  

Fred Meyer ads
Fred Meyers continues to tote new low prices.  
Apples .88
Ground turkey 2.99
Canned veggies .59
Lettuce .99
Tomatoes 1.00 16 ounces
Apples .88
Broccoli .99
Pot roast 3.99
Bread 3/4@@
Ice cream 2/4@@
M and ms 2/5@@$$
Sour cream .99
Mission tortillas .99$$
Tomatoes 2/5$$
Radishes 2/1

Tri colour peppers are 3.99.  This last week, I got tri colour peppers 3/1 at grocery outlet, product of Canada.   This  is just one example of  watching your prices and knowing a bargain.  
Ground beef is 3.99.   I paid 2.97 last week at Hagens.   Buy when prices are downs; eat while they are high.  

I continue to buy only fresh perishables and want to see how long we can take to pare down the pantry and freezer.    I have maintained a 75.00 a week budget for some time now,   The first quarter I went over a little, but have been stocking a lot.   It's time  to reap  the benefits and see a true picture
of what we are really eating money wise.   It's got to be less than 75.00 a week.  

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