Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gremlins did it!

I had a very long post done.  The I pad went screwy ( cockeyed post) and I lost it.   So here goes a shorter version.

SAFEWAYS has chicken for .99 again.  The also have hamburger ( 9 percent) for 3.99.
Berries are 2/4
Oranges .99

Five dollar Friday
Pork tenderloin - ( 18-32 ounces) **
Lemon meringues pie
Cheerios 3/5$$


Grapes 1.68
Apples .99

Buy ten dollars, save two.
Nets each at .80

Pasta sauce
BBQ sauce

This is a two week ad

Berries 2/4
Broccoli .99
Milk 4/5

**. QFC has pork tenderloins BOGO.   They are the same price as SAFEWAYS five dollar Friday, but SAFEWAYS are larger.
 There is a coupon for ten dollars  off of fifty dollars.    If you can plan your trip to stay exactly at the fifty dollars, you can make out.   The deal breaker here is the hamburger.   20 percent is 3.69 at Hagens,  It is 3.99 for 9 percent at SAFEWAYS.  We need to do the math.

9 percent hamburger works out to be.  3.99X 1.09 equals  4.35 a pound.
20 percent hamburger works out to be 3.69 X 1.20 equals 4.43.
At this point the nine percent would be the better deal.  But, if you can stay at the fifty dollars, the twenty percent os the deal breaker.


Apples .89
Berries 2 lb 3.98
Roma's .89
Buns 2/4
Nalleys chili .99@@
Ice cream 2/5
Beans 1.00
C sea albacore tuna 1.00
Veggies , frozen 1.00

You can make out if you plan your trip.   Start with the hamburger and ten pounds.  You can make meatloaf, meatballs.taco meat  and crumbles for pizza, pasta sauce or chili.   Then fill in the things that at .80 would be a good buy and fruits.    Keep a running total and quit at fifty dollars.
That maximizes your trip to make twenty percent off.   Normally, Haggens would not be a good deal. Weeks before the prices were over retail and it was marking up to mark down, netting regular price.

The key is knowing prices of the things you normally buy, not buying expensive garbage like potato chips, and   Buying enough shelf ready and frozen to last you until the next sale.   Shopping two stores and planning your trip.  Plan for the gas consumption.  If you need to shop two different days and tag the trip with other errands.   A little planning saves time in the grocery store and saves a lot of money.   Anything worth doing os worth putting some effort onto it.

   I was in the rehab for a month.   My daughter cooked out of the pantry.   It saved a lot of time and money.

I also got a coupon for Fred Meyers for ten off of fifty that includes clothes, and  household items.  Maybe plants?  

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