Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Seven meals for 32.62--under five dollars a meal average.

These meals do not include basic cooking supplies like oil, homemade soup mix, salad dressing,   The job of costing such things would be a nightmare.    It is, however, under five dollars a meal average.  

Pork stir fry
Egg drop soup

Scrambled eggs with cheese
Hash brown patties
Strawberries or mixed berries in season

Roasted pork tenderloin
Frozen chopped broccolli
4 cheese mashed potatoes

Pizza with
Hamburger crumbles ( or .50 pepperoni from dollar store w coupon)
Red peppers ,diced
Black olives chopped
3.66 with hamburger, 3.41 with pepperoni

Meat ball subs
2 sourdough baguettes ( Costco brown and serve)
( cheaper of you can find individual rolls ore baked in bins at grocery at .33)
Meat balls from 2.97hamburger
BBQ sauce,
Green salad or coleslaw.

Mac and cheese
Peas and carrots
Macaroni is high fiber in sale with coupon, cheese from Costco, soup mix scratch, top with homemade bread crumbs from heels (free) and parm from at 1/2 of a tub if parm.  
Frozen peas and carrots

Spaghetti with red sauce and hamburger
Green salad with tomatoes.

Total 32.62

Substitute meat ball subs with split pea soup 30.02 with soup left over for lunch.  

Split pea  soup
Jalapeño corn bread

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