Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The ads

I got the ads yesterday evening.  We seem to be on the last leg of the mail persons run.    The only good thing is that we can get the mail as soon as it comes.  

The ads are skewed towards Cinco de mayo.   Might be a good thing.   It seems , though, when a holiday happens, so,e stores take advantage of the fact that you are probably going to buy those ingredients at any price,m. Beat them at their own game,     Soft tortillas are to dollars at SAFEWAYS and Haggens.  Fred Meyer has them for a buck and there is a coupon on line for .55.   Net .45 -- that's a savings of  75 percent.  

Haggens salsa  3/5
Country ribs 1.99
English cukes .69

Not worth the trip for us. Some of these things are a good price, but we are at a point where we don't need them.  The pantry is full.   Some would say that it would be better if we paid full price and left our money on savings.  I am getting an average of fifty percent on my money.  No bank would give me fifty percent interest.    I am still with stocking, well under the USDA stats for my husband and I and we are supplementing the girls.  

SAFEWAYS is in a five dollar kick.  Just remember because something is 5/5 doesn't mean you have to buy five unless they specifically make that a condition.  

Roma's 5/5 ( the best buy in tomatoes.  They give more flesh for your dollar.  
Tillamook cheese 4.99@@
Five dollar Friday

Don't  get suckered in with small bags that are multiple priced.  Cheese 2/5 when the bags are 8 ounces   means you are paying five dollars a pound,  as contrasted to the Tillamook that is five dollars for TWO pounds.  Grated cheese at costco's wholesale is 2.31 ( about) a pound.  It comes Mexican blend and motts.  


Chicken 100 a pound.  
Grapes 1.88
Tomatoes .99
Sliced cheese 1.99- 6 pounds.   Well over five bucks a pound.
Frozen veggies 1.00- note sizes of packaging varies.  It's only a good buy of it is 16 ounces.  

Tomatoes .99
Corn on cob 3/1
Mission taco chips, tortillas 1.49 when u buy three.  

Buy five, save 5  net prices
Refried beans .89
Red vines 6.99
Enchilada sauce .69
Green chilies .69

Cukes .69

That about it.

Next time five dollar dinners.    Yes, it can be done and they can be nutritious without buying princess Martian  food.  

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