Thursday, June 18, 2015

13.50- how far can it go......

I spent 13.50  yesterday.   I didn't set out to spend 13.50 , I was just looking for a suddenly salad  and some shorts.  I never found the suddenly salad.  I wanted it from the dollar store with coupons.   Didn't happen.  Our  dollar tree is going downhill fast.   The shelves are bare in places and it's more than messy.  I elect to go to Lynnwood.   Kenmore is better.  

What can you get for 13.50 !  

I got a pair of shorts for me and a sundress for the baby at goodwill.  

Then I got :
180 straws
4 packages of expensive cookies in cans
A box of cream soup mix to try
A set of sandwich plastic boxes for the craft room.
A box of beer bread mix
A lip balm

 There were several other things that were a good buy of you need them. Tea bags are really cheap.   Also they have gluten free chex brand cereal.   Marie calendars bisquit mixes, name brand taco shells,
Physician formula makeup, Betty Crocker potato mixes, scarfs.   I found a straw hat and bag for the baby at Easter time.  I even found,but didn't buy a red one .   There are .50 coupons on two lets up ( 24 ounces of a name brand).  Dollar tree takes coupons.   I have a coupon that makes suddenly salad .75.   It is 2.29 at SAFEWAYS.  At that cost, I will make it myself.  

Dollar tree has a huge stock of cheap plastic stuff and junk food.    It also has napkins, Betty Crocker plastic utensils, stainless steel utensils, some name brand foods that are not made on china, and various other things that are a whole lot more elsewhere.  

Never buy sundry items at the grocery store.  That os where they have their most markup.  
Paper napkins are used and thrown away.  Unless you are buying for a wedding or similar occasion,dollar tree ones are more than ample .   I sometimes use cloth, but some people are more comfortable with paper and sometimes messy things are best with paper.   ( BBQ sauce! )

No one store has everything at the best price.   Most of us can't go to every store every week.   My plan usually is to go to the best two chain stores based on the ads and the products I need that particular week.    I hit Costco, grocery outlet, Winco and the bakery outlet when I'm in the area or when we have the need.  

Being flexible, shopping more than one store, knowing prices that are ever changing , and using coupons can lower your food bills by half.   Cooking from scratch helps.  I use  mixes when it is cheaper than scratch!  I keep a few that will get me out of a jam if I run out of something.  

I am over budget this  last quarter.  I can't tell yet if that is because prices have gone up or if it is because the freezer and pantry are full.  What is supposed to count is the amount if food eaten.   I think in that vein we are close to less than 75.00 a week.  


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