Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coupons - my take

My dad used to say if you are not using a coupon you are getting gyped  because the manufacturers factor in the price of the coupon in the retail price.

No coupon is worth it's weight if it's for a product you don't need.   It makes no sense to buy something even for free if you don't  use it.   You are just taking up valuable real estate that can be used for something you do need.    Leave the product for someone that does need it.  That being said, if I find something that I know someone can use, and it's free or nearly free, I will buy it.   I got baby food one time.  Our baby didn't need it, but I was sure that the food bank had babies that need to eat!   I buy toothpaste when it is cheap so I can take them to the women's shelter.   I would get that they would appreciate feminine supplies also.

Fav ado had a few misprints, or whatever this week.   The  Welches fruit snack free thing at dollar tree doesn't work.  The packages at dollar tree aren't big enough to match the coupon.   Also, the suddenly salad coupon doesn't work if they don't have any and as of last week, they didn't have any.  I did find it cheaper than a dollar at Winco.

Hamburger meal boxes are not a bargain .  We went into that subject in depth on an earlier post.  
You are getting about thirty cents worth of product.  It is better to make from scratch.   There is a white sauce mix recipe on this blog that is healthier and cheaper than anything in a box or can.

Coupons can be a good tool to lower your food bill, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune in buying newspapers or take a forty hour work week!   Sunday papers are at the dollar store all week.  
Coupons are on the Internet.   Learn the rules and print the ones you need.  You are allowed two.
You can't believe the things you might hear on TV or in print.   In this state you can't make money on coupons except maybe at the drug stores with reward bucks.   If you have a dollar coupon and the price of a product is .99 at Safeways, you coupon won't work. Period!  

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