Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dollar tree haul and grocery outlet

5 tissue boxes
1 tray
1 storage bin
4 pens
3 legal pads
2 sugar free jello
3 pkgs sequins
1 t shirt
1 liquid soap
1 cookbook
Aluminum foil
Garbage bags
2catsup with a .50 coupon!  
Total of things at kenmore dollar tree.  By far the best stocked dollar tree I have found, except for Aberdeen which is a bit of a trip! LOL.

I netted sauerkraut, French fries and cream puffs at grocery outlet.  

The cookbook is 80 recipes for dinner for under five bucks and under 30 minutes.  Dated 2015!    Does it get any better than this?   Some vegetarian, some healthy !  

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