Sunday, June 21, 2015

Grocery haul!

I went to Fred Meyers and SAFEWAYS.   A straight shot from each other to conserve gas.  I could have hit the dollar store too, but didn't .  

More for those near me.   Fred Meyers has kids swim suits 1/2 off, some makeup 1/2 off and tanks for 5.99.

I got chickens for a buck a pound at SAFEWAYS and hamburger for 1/2 off because it,needed to be cooked today.  I came home and got two very large pans out and cooked crumbles.  Two dollars a pound for hamburger this day and age is a steal.   I did not clear the case!   I left plenty for other families on a budget!   LOl.  I try to be a considerate shopper.    I also got kens salad dressing.  BOGO and used 1.75 coupons.    A quarter!   YES!   I can't make it for cheese and Cesar!  

Fred Meyer netted coffee and milk!  

Total spent 49.34.
Total meat purchased 41.51 retail

Savings 47 percent total.  

I also got

5 corn
1/2 gal milk
1 coffee
2 lbs strawberries
1 pkg hot dog buns
1 loaf white bread
1 1.5 qt low carb ice cream
1 pkg low car ice cream bars
2 cans mandarin oranges
1 pkg shrimp scampi
2'bottles kens blue cheese and Cesar salad dressing.

Total prices retail 91.64
Money out if pocket 49.34
Total saved 47 percent

Not extremem couponing, but not too bad.  
Basically,for 8.00 more than the cost of meat I got all the extra food.  

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