Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The ads 6/24/15

Actually got the ads on time.  I have already,shopped till I dropped.  Now it's time I got down and organized the freezer.  I have t even seen the new freezer my husband bought while I was on the convalescent home.   Ot takes braving the stairs without a rail!    I, not shopping, but will assess the ads anyway.


Cherries 2.49
London broil 3.99
Sour cream 2/3@@

Chicken , natural.  .99
Berries 2/4
Milk .99
Grapes 1.68
Cherries 2.99
Cottage cheese/sour cream 2/3
Blues 2/5
Salsa, corn tortillas, flour tortillas 3/5


Cherries 1.99
Tillamook yogurt .38@@

Buy 4, save 2 on frozen treats
Dreyers 2.49
Fruit bars and ice cream bars 2.49
8 count drumsticks 3.99

15  percent fat ground beef 2.99

Extreme couponing ( their vernacular)

Coffee 6.99
Starkist tuna, black beans .79
Ore Ida fries 2/5
Ice sparkling water .50
Jello or pudding mix .69
Olive oil 3.99

I don't know I'd this is a deal or,not because they aren't toting prices.   I suspect it's not.
Buy two Starbucks ground coffee or k cup packs and get 3.50 off milk or creamer.    Milk is,never three dollars and fifty cents.  I think there might be coupons for the coffee, and you may be able to get more than one milk item.   Too many variables for me.

Blues 5.00


Cherries 1.99

Pork loin 1.99 (whole)
20 percent fat hamburger 2.99
Top round 3.99
Milk 2/5@@

5 dollar Friday
Orange juice
Cheerios 3/5

Extreme coupons.  ( looks a whole lot like ALBERTSONS and SAFEWAYS have the same ad company!   )

Net prices
Buns .88
BBQ sauce .99
Coffee 6.99
Cascade ice 10/5
Hummus 2/4
Radishes or green onions 1.00

Note there is a lot of price fluctuations between stores.   Catsup is 1.00 at the dollar store and at some of the stores there are coupons for .50 on two.   Hunts.  

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