Saturday, June 27, 2015

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At my daughters college graduation, a speaker asked all the graduates to stand.  Then she started asking questions pertinent to how they got the resources to go to college.   People sat down when they could no longer say yes.   My daughter was the last person standing when she got to paying for it all with their own money and working in her profession while attending school.   She has learning disabilities and got two degrees.  She was proud and so were her parents.   She was the second person in this family to get a degree.

She didn't find it necessary to party hardy as a right of college.  She didn't eat top ramen unless she wanted top ramen.  She was in school to learn.  

We are raising a entire generation of children with entitlement complexes.   That is dangerous.   No one died and entitled us to a college education.   My children all have a very good work ethic.   My oldest just retired.   All of them went to college on their own dime.  We helped with living expenses if they wanted it.    We didn't have the bucks to give them a college degree.

A very rich ( relative observation) boss of mine asked me why my children worked at 16.   My answer I think astounded her.   I said "we don't have the money to give them everything they want the rest of their lives. The best I can do is to teach them a strong  work ethic and how to stretch their money.    Haven't you seen people that don't know how to work at a job?  "

It's interesting to note that the first personality trait of a narasisstic sociopath is   An entitlement complex.   Narasisstic sociopathic behavour is a learned trait.   There is little evidence that it is hereditary.   Yes, I know narasisstic is spelled wrong,  I tried to go to college on my own with out the help of someone supporting me at least with food and shelter.   I ran out of money, and that was before student loans.   It was fix the car so I could get to work, or go to school. The  practical in me chose car repair.

I tried to get  a job after high school.  Boeing had just had one of their huge layoffs,  college graduation had just happened and I had zero self confidence.  I finally got a job.  It was for minimum wage and I walked to work until I could get enough saved for a car  down payment.  I paid board and room to my parents.   Roughly the price of my food.  

I read everything I could get my hands on.   If I ran into a problem I didn't know how to solve, I asked questions and stuck my head in  an accounting book I got for two bucks at the k mart.   I managed to parlay two quarters of accounting into a good paying job doing very intricate books.   I got let go once for refusing to cook books, both of us were out of work for a long time, we finally got jobs, but my soul  was not for sale at any cost.

Nothing good can come from something got by unfair means.  

I think the highlight if my career was when a Bellevue account told me he couldn't believe I didn't
have a degree, my books certainly didn't show it.  It was easy for him to pick up and do the taxes.
It made me feel good.   I made something out of nothing.    It took me a lot longer than if I had gone to college.   My mother used to say that adversity builds character.   I don't need any more character. Thank  you very much.  LOL

What I did learn along the way was how to stretch a buck.  I am still learning,  never quit learning.  Put what you learn with a ounce if common sense.

I started this  blog because I had been through rough times and figured out how to survive.  I stuck my head in a book or two and taught myself how to feed us on a proverbial dime.   My sister did the same thing, and managed to get good jobs eventually too.   That's why I am trying to help those on tight budgets to feed their family well.    It breaks my heart to see a gal with a baby buying junk food and cheap hot dogs on SNAP.  She can do so much better than that if she knew how.

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