Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beat the Heat in the kitchen.

Since we are having a huge heat wave here I thought it appropriate to Writing the about meal plans and tricks to beat the heat!   We have an east facing kitchen, so it's hot on the morning.   I pull the shades on the morning to keep some ofmth marathon no sun out.  

Making your meat ahead of time makes it faster to get out of the kitchen faster at night.   My favorite trick is to make salads ahead of time,   Several kinds.   Then at dinner time all you have to do is grill a entree or make something like hot dogs.  

Foil or parchment packets that you can make an either grill in foil  on the BBQ or cook parchment in the oven.   Stuff it and get out quickly!   LOL.  Works too.   It's a wonderful concept. Kids love them, it's like cooking out.  Mothers like them , because it cuts down on cleanup. Dad likes the, because everyone builds their own and no one is complaining.  

Crock pots can be taken outside with a heavy duty extension cord in a safe place not around pets or children.  

I put a very large beach towel over one cloth seated chair at the deck table.   That's the toddlers chair! Anything to make life easy.   I have been hanging clothes out lately,   If you can't beat the heat, you might as well take advantage of it.  

My granddaughter and her friend were having a grand old time with the squirt toys , washing the car and trying to get gramps!    Some things just never change . The neighborhood  kids were running through the Sprinklers!

 Five ideas for cool dinners:

  1. Salad bar cooked when it's the most comfortable time in the kitchen.   
  2. Salads with a grilled entree : hot dogs, hamburgers. Already cooked chicken with BBQ sauce.   
  3. Foil or parchment packets 
  4. A picnic at the park or near water!   
  5. A crock pot meal cooked anywhere  but the kitchen.   Or set it and go to the beach or to work!   
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