Monday, June 29, 2015

Last hauls for a while ....

My daughter and I went to the dollar store.   I got a lot of stuff, most of which would cost a lot more at other stores.   

  • They have stainless steel and good quality if serving spoons, regular and slotted.   My spoons that I use to serve up food from the pans are thirty years old!   LOL.  
  • The 3.99 cookies are still there.  They are made in America and come in tins great for storage.
  • Maybeline nail polish....some of it is 7.50 elsewhere.  
  • Elf blush brush.....three dollars elsewhere.  
  • There are packs of four very ugly ball point clicker pens.  ( I have a app for that) 
  • Sequins, and bakers twine.  Far cheaper than at the scrapbook or big box stores.  
  • A very large bucket.   Great for storage, toys, cleaning, playing in the pool!   
  • Lock and lock type storage containers .  Two on a package.   
  • Moisturizing body wash. 
  • Shampoo for men with conditioner ( name brand ) 

Fred Meyer netted fruits and veggies and ice cream and cheese.  Tillamook for a Buck!  Can't beat that. ( use insert coupon and in ad coupon. ) yogurt for .40 ( with a insert coupon,) instant potatoes were still the lower price.   Winco was the cheapest, but raised their price ten cents.  It pays to know your prices of the things you use on a regular basis.   No one can memorize everything on the store, but you are well served to know the things you buy on a regular basis and know the RBP!  I try to only buy what we need at a RBP.    

Fred Meyers has BOGO-1/2  Revlon nail polish.  There is a insert coupon for 3.00 off.  

Keep your eyes open.   There is always a lower price somewhere.   

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