Friday, June 19, 2015

the Alexander Day. .....

I remember reading the kids the story about Alexander's day. The kind of  day I had today.  Nothing drastic, nothing I couldn't deal with, just one of those days.

I watched episodes of extreme couponing this  morning over coffee.   One lady actually bought real food!    Set out to match what I could with the coupon at SAFEWAYS for ten dollars off fifty.
Found three coupons.

  1. 1.00 off toothpaste.   The toothpaste at SAFEWAYS is .99 .  Safeway will not honor a coupon for a buck illness the product is a buck or more.   Zilch!   
  2. A .45 coupon for toilet tissue. was expired two days ago.   
  3. A dollar off of dial......hand soap.   The sale is on body wash and bar soap!   
Ok.  I can do better at Winco.   I looked at the prices at  FAVADO.   Not the actual prices at Winco. At least not for hamburger.   LOl.  I did get good buys.   Matched a coupon for bumble solid albacore tuna that netted .50 price.    Suddenly salad for .73 instead of 2.29 a box at SAFEWAYS.   That's cheaper than the dollar store if they  had it.   Hamburger was cheaper, but not as cheap as toted.  
I also found really low carb tortillas.  

On the way,husband wanted to find youngest sons new house.   We found a lot of very,nice houses in Lynnwood, just not his!     LOL

Stopped at Denny's on  the way home.  I had nachos.   YUK!   I'll stick to breakfast next time!    It was cheap and we got a senior discount.  

Got home. Husband out his key in the trunk to unload the groceries.   Key broke off in the lock.   He used my expensive tweezers and a double stick foam square to get it out!  Clever man!

Went to pick up the truck from the auto shop from the last terrible, no good. Very bad day!   LOL.  


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