Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fred Meyers

Very,short Fred Meyers ad.  

Blues 2.99 - 18 oz
Milk .99@@
Cheerios 3/5@@$$
Cage free eggs 2/5
Coffee 5.99
Pasta .99

Yesterday we hit the mall .

I bought nothing.   Target netted elf brushes for a dollar.   On contrast, my daughter got a brush from a makeup subscription that was toted to be 49.00!   ( elf cosmetics are  imexpensive.   The most expensive thing I found was 15.00.   Most of it is 1-6 dollars.   At Target.    Target has spend twenty dollars on personal care products and get a 5.00 target gift card.  

We went to grocery outlet on he way home.  Coffee, cheese slices. Pasta bowls for daughters lunch were .50.  Blue bunny ice cream 1.75 quarts 2.99.  17 carbs a serving.

Wimco has meal plans, ten dollar dinners, regular and gluten free, for 3.99.   I'll try to patch the link.  
That is more than the recommended budget if you have a very lean budget, but I know there are people out there that are legitimately in need of a gluten free diet.  

If your healthcare professional hasn't told you tome in a special diet, you don't need a social diet.   Taking something out of your dote messes up your nutritional balance and you need to be under a doctor or nutritionalists  supervision.   We all need a balanced diet!   We all need to cut the amount of sugar, fat,and   salt in our diets.    That's easy even in a drasticky low budget.  

That's about all.  I am going to hit SAFEWAYS with a ten dollar off coupon,some day  this week. ,  I am still on budget.  


Please follow.


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