Thursday, February 25, 2016

Om's bad for you....a parody.

Hey, I have been watching way too much in the Internet about food that is bad for you, so I have come up with my own ideas......

1) WATER.     Omg.   It hydrates you,,,,and then you have to pee.......and my husband says that it rusts your pipes !

2)  American cheese slices.....OMGOsh.......the first imgredient is cheddar cheese!  

3).  Food at the dollar tree..... Potatoes , frozen potatoes and their from IDAHO!     Need  I say more.

I have been reading a lot on the subject of what you should and shouldn't eat.   Some of it contradicts itself.   Somethings I've checked, and just isn't true.    When in doubt, read the labels.   Some suggest  you make product  yourself.  I am reluctant with the amount of food borne illness that can happen.   I think you are better off leaving things that need precise monitoring to the professionals.   Not to mention, all that takes time.

The things that have been identified that are really bad for you that we can pretty much buy into are  hydrogenated oils, ( thicken your blood) , HFCS, concentrated sugar, nitrates ( cancer causing ) , and fake sugar.  

I'm still staying within the guidelines of four dollars a day per person or less.   A lot of things I can and we already don't eat.

 We love pepperoni and sausage.   I am just limiting our consumption to once every week or two.

   A lot of HFCS has been eliminated by manufacturers and I count carbs closely, so a lot of that concern is not a problem.    We don't eat a lot of catsup or BBQ sauce.  I almost never drink soda.  Our cookie consumption is not a problem,.

The things that will be a problem are the hydrogenated oil and fake sugar.   I already drink coffee and tea black. I drink a lot of water.     I do use some things that are sugar free because of diet restrictions.

Hydrogenated oils are a problem because they are in so many of our foods .   I use olive oil in our cooking almost exclusively.    We use real butter.    I think it is remarkable that the fake butter  that is supposed to be good for you , that costs twice as much as real butter, is actually worse for you than  the real thing.    I looked at two fake butters.   One had water for its first ingredient,   The other was a bit better, it had olive oil in it as well as hydrogenated oil.  

We bake our fried potatoes, I don't buy potato chips and the like, I use olive oil in dressings, and we don't use a lot of salad dressing. Mayonnaise comes with partial olive oil, I get tuna packed in water.

But, there is a lot of hidden oils in our foods.   Not buying a lot of ready makes helps.    Reading labels helps.   Remember,  ingredients are listed in order of volume.    I read several jars of peanut butter at the grocery store.  There was actually some that had very little oil and sugar, not HFCS.  
The cost wasn't  prohibitive either.

  You can't believe everything you hear about a product, read the labels for yourself.   There is a lot of misinformation and generalities out there, but it can be clarified with the simple reading of a label.    Some brands are better than others and  cost doesn't seem to be a factor.   I looked at two cans of beans.    The Winco brand, the cheapest had beans, water, amd salt.   The other brand had beans, water, salt and a couple of preservatives.

The above information is based in a lot of reading. I am by no way an expert.  I am just repeating what the consensus of opinions were.     I think I read that the FDA was mandating that the manufacturers fix cake mixes and frosting mixes by a particular date.    The problem might be that they are having a problem finding a suitable substitute.

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