Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quality foods

I just read an article that indicates seven foods that if you eat too much if, can hurt you.    Lately, I have been researching a lot.  For every idea, there is someone to d bunk it.    I tend to research the source before I repeat them.    Bottom line, use common sense.    Most of the "new age " foods are over processed.  Isn't that what the foodies are trying to avoid?  

I give everything I read a taste of common sense.    Is it  Logical?    Who's funding the study?   Some lady told me the other day that nutritionists only say what they learned.   Well, duh!  

There is too much contradictory out there.  Our  grandmothers USDA food pyramid has been revised to deal with the too much salt, sugar, and fat.   It has worked for years.   My grandfather was 92 years old when he died.   This new-age food has not stood the test of time.   I'm not sure that substituting one thing for another isn't just opening a new can of worms.  

There are far too many picky eaters out there.   I think that is more of a problem than eating a tried and true balanced diet.    Vegetables are only good for you if you eat them.  

My take.....

Eat basic food.   Make it tasty.  Buy the best quality of regular food you can afford.   You can eat cheaper food; just eat good cheaper food.    

We eat hot dogs seldom.   When we do we eat them , I only buy Hebrew National or Nathan's.   I only buy good white albacore tuna packed in water.   Foster Farms chicken. Buy good food cheap; not cheap food.

I go back to eat in moderation. There  are a lot of foods that aren't supposed to be good for you. ( this week)   If you eliminate every food that someone says is bad for you, you would die  from mal-nutrition--there would be nothing left to eat.  

My take :   Just eat a well balanced diet of a wide variety of foods in moderation.   You can't fool Mother Nature.    Fake is never better than the real thing.    

Basic, bottom line, if you are trying to feed your family on four dollars per person per day, you can still eat good basic food and have enough to eat.    You don't have to resort to beans every night or leave out whole food groups.    You can avoid or use in moderation the things that are bad for you. That is, that have been proven to be bad for you.    Even the experts acknowledge that to omit all the substances that are bad for you would be nearly impossible.   

Some manufacturers are working  on the HFCS and the hydroginated oils.   I use a lot of olive oil which is better for you.   It just doesn't work in a lot of things.    You can avoid some of the things, but all of them would be hard.   Mayonnaise does come  with part olive oil and it is the same price as regular mayo.    

Ingredient labels in  this country have to list ingredients in order of their volume.   If the first ingredient is hydroginated oil or water.......think again.   If it is the last on the list, you're probably ok. 

Buying food 1/2 price means you can be picky about what foods you feed your family and be mindful of the best quality you can afford.    

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