Monday, February 22, 2016

The ads in Seattle.

It used to  be that I could gather the ads on Tuesday and analyze  them. Now, since Albertson's and Safeway's  were bought out they seem to be the same store.,  QFC sometimes has two week ads, Fred Meyer has ads that come out on Sunday, and Costco and Winco don't have ads, life has gotten more complex.  

I can analyze QFC and what I call Alberways . Lately my Alberways is a bust.   I have target or my RBP on the things that we use often,    Most of the time Alberways has few real specials.  Fred Meyers is better a lot of the time.  Their ads run from Sunday to Saturday.

I get the ads for Fred Meyers on Saturday for Sunday. Alberways comes out Tuesday along with QFC if they have an ad that week.    I can then analyze the two or three ads.   I go to Freddie's or QFC of they have things on my target list for a good price.   I usually go to Winco if I still need more or if om need things that Winco is always cheaper on.

Some weeks I go to three stores.   Some weeks I can skip all but a few perishables.     It averages out. It's not as cut and dried as it used to be.   I'm thinking when the dust  settles and Haggens gets threw bankruptcy and the Albertsons and Safeway stores are sold, things might be less crazy.

Costco is pretty stable, and we have a few things that we always get from them. We go to Costco on a need to basis.  

None the less. I am  still making it work.   I can be more efficient on the kitchen and spend more time shopping than cooking,    It all averages out, the difference is that I can feed us more healthy by paying 1/2 price and cooking in batches.  

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