Friday, February 19, 2016

Winco and dollar tree

I went to Winco and the dollar tree today. Yesterday, I cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and under the sink.   I had seen nice baskets on some u tubes and bought a couple to organize the space better.    If things are grouped by categorize and contained in baskets, they are easier to find in a hurry.  

I have been researching other grocery hauls , and other people's four dollars day meals.    I'm not going to bash other people's work.   To each his own.

I try to reach a middle ground of healthy,without tons of salt, sugar, and fat.   I also try to hit main stream middle class America.  I am not assuming that people at going to eat alternative food on a four dollar a day budget.    If you pay six dollars a gallon of milk, something else has to suffer.    1 and 1 is 2.  Even with the new math, that hasn't changed.    lol.

My approach is rather, that you can spend some time shopping and changing the way you shop, so that your family has good nutritious food that they will eat.   If your family won't eat it, it's a waste of time and money.  

Winco haul.

Pork sirloin is 1.69.   Pork tenderloins are a good price too.    I went for potatoes and forgot the potatoes.  lol.   I did get broccoli, apples. Cucumbers, lemons (.25) , romaine, ice cream, black olives were .58 for sliced.   I haven't done the math, but it seems like the small cans of sliced olives are a better price than   the whole olives because they are packed a lot denser.   ( less water) .

I will probably adapt our meal plans yet again some can have a pork  chop dinner probably instead of the tenderloin that is in the freezer.  

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