Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dump cake

I made a dump cake for company.  It's a very easy cake.   Some of them say to dump a can of soda over the top of a cake mix.   I haven't tried those.  

Some call for canned or pie filling.   I'm not too fond of that much  sugar.  The recipe calls for a cake mix, that's enough sugar.  

Betty Crocker has a recipe for pound cake.   Three ingredients.   I think you could add some spices .  
It is very easy,    Apples. Yellow cake mix, butter.    I substituted blueberries for the apples.   That recipe called for a little sugar.  

Honestly. five  minutes from scratch to oven.    A little more of you  have to run the apples through
the apple machine.  

Cake mix is a dollar  at the tree. Lately, it  isn't Betty Crocker.  It's always less than a dollar at Winco, sometimes 88.  Butter  is two dollars   at Safeways.  

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