Thursday, September 29, 2016

Price Lists and organizing the kitchen.

Back in the day......I developed a price list to track prices of the things that I used on a regular basis.  

I got a small spiral bound notebook and topped the sheets with the product and description.

Line items

Date.      Store.           Price.    

9/1/16.       Fred Meyers.              2/1.00           Coupon in ad

That told me when and where the cheapest  price on that particular item was.
If  prices are in a fluctuation mode, that's probably still  a viable tool.

Since we don't buy a big variety of foods, I have been able to keep the prices in my head.   I have target prices ( nothing to do with the red ball store) .   I know I want to pay .50 for beans and veggies and tomatoes,  I want chicken for a dollar a pound or less.   And so it goes.   I try to buy enough to last me until I find it that price again.   This one thing saves a ton of money.    Dried beans are about a dollar a pound,  pintos are cheaper at the dollar tree.   The rest are cheaper at Winco in the bulk isle.   I have started to use the canisters that pop corn comes in from Costco.  I want the same canister in a row in my pantry shelves.    I bought labels from the dollar store.   They can be removed from plastic.

I helped my daughter last night reorganize her kitchen.   She had a shelf in between her cabinets in her pullman kitchen.   It made it so that she locked up two 24 inch cabinets and the kitchen always looked messy and was not efficient.  We took the shelf out to be used to organize shoes or toys.  We made a cupboard just for lunch makings at a lower level so granddaughter can go in a pick her juice box and her snack.   I bought canisters and we labeled them and put the canisters in a cupboard and a drawer.   We purged glasses down to one cupboard for glasses and coffee mugs and out extra glasses for back up incase one was broken in storage.    Appliances she doesn't use often we put in a cupboard and big canisters of bulk items went in a bottom cupboard.   Her counters now have appliances she uses daily and a counter designated for a work surface with a bamboo cutting board.  She still needs an apartment sized fridge.    Having an efficient kitchen helps  enormously.   Scratch cooking is a lot easier.   It doesn't have to be a huge kitchen.  She has a pullman  kitchen.

Finding zones based on activities makes everything you need for a particular project condensed in one place.  You save steps not running all over the kitchen and it eliminates some of  the chaos of doing a task.   If it's more pleasant, you feel more like doing it.

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