Thursday, September 29, 2016

Extreme couponing at QFC

QFC s  bundle sale  is a good coupon winner.    That's usually when you can get a good deal-- when you are buying multiples.  

Buy 4/8.00 and get free milk ( Frosted Flakes or Keebler cookies.  )
Pair with buy 5, save three coupon on  

You are paying a total of 10.00 less 3.00 is 7.00 less 2.50  deducted 2.50  for milk total 4.50 for five boxes of cereal.    Or .90 each.  

Your OOP is 7.00 for five boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk.  

Buy 2 Jimmy Dean sausage at 2/6 Get 1 dozen eggs.  
Coupons,com has a dollar off coupon.  
Two jimmy dram sausage 4.00. Less a dozen eggs for 1.00 is 3.00 net or 1.50 for sausage.  

Your OOP is 4.00 for 2 lbs sausage and a dozen eggs.  

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