Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The ads 9/28


Pears .99
Yoplait 2/88. **

Bundles :   Thrifty or nay!  

Dijorno pizza 2/10 get ice cream free ( Haagen das)
Frosted Flakes 4/8 a free milk gallon
Jimmy Dean sausage 2/6. Free eggs
Wheat thins buy 3 at 199, free 8 oz cheese.  
Buy 2 5.99 k cups free creamer

Most of those don't sound like a great bargain.   I do not know ifmyou can  use a coupon  on the buy ite,s. But I suspect so, since these specials are not on a coupon.     There aremcoupons for frost d Flakes and sausage.  

Pumpkin pie 3.99


Beef roast 3.88 lb

Grapes 1.49

Five dollar Friday's
Pork tenderloin
Barilla 5/5
Bread .88@@

That's about it.  

Grocery outlet had
Cheap on
Seasoned whipped cream cheese ( peach)
Cake mixes 2/1 ( use soon,).
Tomato paste was …39

About it.    

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