Friday, November 18, 2016

Cooking a chicken

I have recently read an article about cooking chicken, especially whole chicken.   The article said not to rinse the chicken.   The insides especially can have germs.  

My two ways to cook a whole chicken.  I usually , if possible tag team with my husband or daughter, I touch the chicken, and the other person touches everything else.  You need to disinfect everything that has come on contact with raw meat or your hands when you have just touched raw meat,  

This is another reason why batch cooking a months worth of chicken meals is more efficient.   A months worth of chicken  meals does not mean 30 meals.   It means ifmyoumestmchicken twice a week, you will be cooking enough chicken , portion controlled, for 8 meals.  

Slow cooker chicken
Open package of chicken .  I do this in the sink into a colander,   Imcut the end off the big and place it upside down into the colander and pull the bag off into the garbage.

Prep the slow cooker  insert by peeling a rough chopping an onion , or two if they are small and placing them in the bottom of the insert.  

Place chicken breast side down in the cooking insert,   Rub chicken with a dry rub.   You can find recipes for dry rubs  on the Internet.   Or, use seasoned salt.  

Place the insert into the slow cooker, cover and turn on high .  Cook the chicken on high for an  hour PER POUND.  You will be left with a cooked chicken and broth,   Chicken should read 180 degrees with a meat thermometer.  

Every precaution has been taken to assure the safety of cooking,   Use your own judgement,   Wash everything the raw meat and you touch after touching the raw meat  thoroughly with a disinfectant.    Wash your hands often.   Disinfect your sink.

Second way of cooking a whole chicken.  

Open package of chicken into a colander in the sink. Stuff whatever you have laying around in the cavity short of a kids dirty sock. A peeled onion, an orange, an apple, a lemon.  

Place chicken on roasting pan on a rack and oil it with  olive oil , then sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

Roast in a three hundred and fifty degree oven until the juices run clear and itmhas an internal temperature of one hundred eighty.    I use a thermometer with a probe.   You set it to well done chicken and it beeps at you when it's done.  

Be sure to remove your stuffing,  

Again, wash everything that has come in contact with the raw chicken except thembaking own that will be on the oven,    Wash your hands often,  

We tag team so one person touches the chicken and someone else touches the salt and pepper shakers and olive oil bottle.   Wash your hands before placing the pan in the oven.  

I use a glass cutting  board,  it tough on knives, but you can disinfect it and it's non porous.  


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