Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Warning: political essay.

So, the election is over......not quite yet..

The kkk, KGB, and the FBI rigged the  election.  Every time Mr, Trump accused someone of doing something, he was really telling all what he was doing,  

He who dumps load in pants , accuses someone else of smelling of it.

This is not our America.   Our America isn't governed by the kkk, the white supremestists, or the KGB.   That is not what the majority of people, democrat or republican want.

I don't think that Mr, Trump had envisioned that either,    I think he just didn't think things out.   Remember back when you were a child, you would do things and not look beyond the obvious.  

The kid that got onto the pudding you made for desert, had chocolate all over his face, and lied that he didn't do it.    The kid that changed his report card, not realizing that he was going to have his mom sign it and return it to the teacher.    Lol.  

I don't think we should march in the streets and burn the flag or hurt people or property,
But, let's not roll over and play dead either.  

What's happening is not what America needs to do,   We don't need to be divided by hate.   We don't need to be governed by radicals and by people that don't have the same belief system as we do,   I'm not talking about christians or atheists -- religion.   I'm  talking about what this county was founded on.

We need to know what and how deep the connection that Mr, Trump has with Russia and Putin.   Is that not a conflict of interest at best?.    Call or write  your favorite station or newspaper.   Asking the FBI to investigate the connection, if any between the hacks and Trump is like the proverbial asking the fox  to guard the henhouse.  The major stations have very good investigative reporters.

Write your elected officials and let them know that you don't like the way this all played out.
Our democracy has checks and balances.   Our founding fathers planned it out well.    Use it.

This is America, it's not Hitler's Germany. It's not Russia, and we are not bunch of hate mongers.

Stand up and be counted or don't whine when we have lost all our rights.  

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