Friday, January 25, 2013


I would like to stop for a few sentences and talk about learning how to cook from scratch. I dont know the age group of my readers, so I'll address this issue anyway.
It is well worth your while to get a basic knowledge of cooking. It's not hard. I went to cooking school when I had a chance, but I have also learned a lot from Tv cooking shows. PBS has a lot of them. Martha Stewart has a series going on about basic cooking and there are more. Kids need to know that food doesn't always come out of a box or the deli! LOL

Chicken strips are on SALE for 7.49 for 2 pounds or less. Chicken has been on sale for a buck a pound lots. one week I got it for .88. crispy chicken strips is breaded chicken that has been baked. It takes as long to cook the frozen pieces as it does doing it from scratch. I got bread free at the bread store. It took a few minutes to dry it in the oven, put it in the food processor, and dry it . I did it while banana bread baked and put them back in the oven when the banana bread was done and I turned the oven .

This is a good week to stock up. refried beans, beans and diced tomatoes are all .50. That is the lowest price that I have seen. A lot of times, they are close to a dollar.
There are a lot of dishes that you can make from them, and they are good for you. beans are good for your cholesterol. Just rinse them well to reduce the sodium.

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