Saturday, January 19, 2013

Suddenly Saturday

It's Saturday and I have three days off.Yeah! I have a sinus infection but I am going to enjoy them anyway.

New Menus from the WinCo shopping trip. Not having an ad for WinCo, I went with my ten dollar coupon just looking for bargains and knowing what I was short of. I bought just the amount of particular product that I knew I had used up lately.

Almost everything that I purchased was either the same as a sale price ( Roma tomatoes )or cheaper than my current lowest price--about twenty to twenty five percent for the same or comparable brands. Add another twenty percent and I averaged 40 percent off of SALE prices or about sixty percent. Our car uses little gas, but the savings was well worth the trip. you have to know your prices, some things were more.

Not knowing what you are going to find, or NOT find, is why it is prudent to do your meal plans after you shop. Case on point-- QFC had pork loin on for 2.00 but when I got there, they looked terrible. The strawberries had gray hair prettier than mine!!

Two beef, two pork or chicken, two vegetarian and a fish.

1)sloppy joes, oven baked fries
2)spaghetti and meatballs
3)roast chicken
4) chicken pot pie
5) quiche
6) pizza
7) tuna melt

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