Friday, January 18, 2013

Winco buys

I got a ten dollar coupon on 50 dollars worth of food at WinCo. it is not spend 50 at the grocery store. If you combine the coupon with specials,the net cost is really low.

I had to spend 50. at winco. I spent 51.28! Less Sunflower seeds 2.41 equals 38.87
I got almost everything for 20 plus percent off the regular lowest price on my list.

a few things were more expensive, so I didnt buy them. Cheese was 2.79 per pound.

Parmesean cheese was about 1/2 what I paid last week. Ground Pork was 2.18 a pound.

Pepperoni was 1.88
Pizza shells (like Bomboli) were 2.18 each.
hamburger buns 1.98
JWhite Bread .88
Roma Tomatoes 1.
Fuji apples .87
American Cheese (Kraft) 8.78
Nallys chili .98
olives .95
Mayo 2.98
Taco Chips .98
Mashed Potatoes .88 usually 1.00 on sale
Green Beans, corn .33
Pasta Sauce .79
red pepper.68
Tuna .68
canned chilis ..79

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