Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few notes on terrific Thirsday

Our landlord at work, ( I'll save the expliratives for your imagination! lol) gave us forty days to evict 150 people.  That means if we don't find a new place really soon, we will loose dealers and probavly our jobs.  I am not impressed with the landlords lack of professionalism, but he hasn't had that trait since the get go.  

On a better note, TOP  foods os closing. Lately they have been leaning towards being a high priced store.  WINCo  is moving in.  I am excited because we will be able to go to Winco any time we want. Going miles away meant we could only go every eight weeks or so.   I am saddened , though that SAFEWAYS and ALBERTSONS are merging and they are closing stores.  SAFEWAYS is far better price woes and clean wise than ALBERTSONS.  I will reserve judgment until I see the end results.  

Our whole scheme of stores and prices are about to change.   Thos a time when flexibility is paramount.   It is also a good thing we have stocked and can ride the wave until things settle down from all the changes.  

Life happens, and the people that can adjust to the bes and flows will be better off than those who can't.  

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