Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wicked Wednesday, the ads

We did get the ads this week on time.    Such as they are.   I thought I would talk about how to analyze the ads.  Pick two grocery stores from the ads.  Lately,I have been going to Fred Meyers with the Sunday ads.   Besides Costco, they have had the best prices on dairy and periodically have beans and tomatoes for .50.   

Top has a five dollars off of fifty coupon.m considering everything is already priced higher than the proverbial balls, it's not much of a bargain.  

They have Tillamook ice cream for 2.99, cheese for 5.99, when you buy four total items.
Bread is 2/4.


Raspberries 2/3
Tomatoes 1.00
Tortillas 1.00
Cilantro 2/1


Grapes 1.00
Chicken thighs .88 ( they are not telling where they r from) 
Tillamook ice cream 2/6
Eggs 2/3@@
Ground beef 3.99 ( 7 percent fat) 
Berries 2/6
Barilla pasta .98


Blues 2.99

Five dollar Friday 

Pork tenderloin
Cantelope 2/5
Raspberries 3/5
Nalleys chili 1.00

That's about all.  I would pick the store that had the most cheap prices on what I needed.   I like the price of the pork tenderloin and berries at SAFEWAYS.   The beef, pasta, eggs, amd ice cream would draw me to ALBERTSONS if I needed them.  

Otherwise, I would pick this week to check out Winco.   
Or not go at all.  

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