Saturday, June 28, 2014

It is Saturday.

We went to the next town today and I got some recipe starter at big lots and cheeses at grocery outlet. We went on to Fred Meyers.m I got the things in ad, couldn't find the chicken and was confused about the corn.  I used my coupons.   It just dawned in me that today is Saturday,not Sunday. Guess having a back ache and working in the heat with no breaks got to me,

Corn is 6/2
Black olives are a buck w a coupon in the paper.   Grill packs are a buck. Tillamook is 2/6 with a coupon.

Today, I put a corn chowder in the crock pot and it cooked all day.  I added the cream and bacon at the last.   I made cheese biscuits to supplement the garnish of bacon on the soup.  

Tomorrow. My daughter is going to try a new chili recipe for the crock pot.  We got a little recipe book at the antique mall and we decided to try some of the recipes.   Most of them are low cost and sound really good.  

We are working on securing new employment. But in the mean time. We are going to conch on the budget and make do.   I am working on a new place to sell product and trying to get students to teach.
Look for more penny pinching recipes.

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