Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday focus

In the last 15 days, our whole life has done a drastic change.  We are both going to be out of work, I have lost my space to sell antiques and product.   Our budget, accordingly is shot.  And now our granddaughter is going to spend the summer with us instead of going to preschool.   It seems they have decided she is special needs and they do t have the skills to deal with her.   She's a smart, energetic girl that doesn't want to slow down for anything.  She doesn't fit their mould.  

I digress.  

Last night I made pasta.  I was going for Mac and cheese, but opened the wrong can of recipe starter. I have tomato that I got of free at the dollar store.  

Betty Crocker sent another list of foil packet , grill dinners.   You can also cook them in the oven if you don't want to grill.   Kids think it is like camping out.  There are less dishes. And some of them are really good.  They had a pineapple and chicken one that sounds really good. Also potatoes, veggies, and another chicken dish with thighs.   Our kitchen is facing east, so it's really hot at night, but the deck is cool.

We have a lot of salads in the summer.  Or I find an easily made protein and I make salads on Sunday and we eat off of them all week.  Basically, a salad bar and an entre.  It makes for less work and less time in a hot kitchen.  

 Nancy, I loved your idea last Friday.  I haven't made those, but I remember my mom making them.   I saw a recipe a while back using canned clams.   We just usually have the Mac and cheese and a veggie.  We go to an upscale restaurant  for happy hour group sometimes.  They have ala carte for cheap.  My husband gets crab cakes.  They also have a stuffed chicken with asparagus.  I rarely fet asparagus because it's expensive and I am the only one that likes it.  Both items are around five bucks,   We go out with friends once a week for happy hourmbecausemots a cheap dinner.
I don't count going out in our food budget. Other  than happy hour, we don't go out often.  If we don't replace our income. It will be even less! LOL.  I do feed is on an average of 62.00 a week. And, that is 25 percent less than the USDA stats for thrifty for just my husband and I.  We also feed my daughter and granddaughter .   My daughter buys some specialty foods for them.  ( they are semi vegetarian) .  

I usually pick Wednesday and clean out the fridge and try to use up the weeks veggies that are looking peeked.  I like to make muffins or tea breads.  It's a good way to hide a veggie.  

I goes that all.  

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  1. Jane, I can't remember how I found your blog but I enjoy reading your posts. I am sorry you are facing a new financial challenge. I hope you are able to find work soon. All the best to you and your family.